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Coyote with fawn head at YellowstoneScreech Owl resting, Newburyport, MAWings Up, Puffin at Seal Island, off coast of MEDesert turtle at Joshua Tree NPCoyote with fawn head at YellowstoneCardinal at Bar Harbor MESnowy Egrets nesting in St. Augustine, FLHummingbird in Thuya Garden,  Acadia Natl Park, Bar Harbor, MEArtic Tern with catch in Seal Island, off coast of Cutler, MEScreech Owl wide awake, Newburyport, MABard Owl resting in Plum Island, Newburyport, MASnowy Egrets feeding youngSwans in formation, Newburyport, MABison in fog at YellowstoneEgret at sunset at Plum Island, Newburyport, MAPronghorn deer mesmerized, YellowstoneHummingbird in Thuya Garden,  Acadia Natl ParkGibbon monkey with young, Stone ZooHawk ready for take-off, Plum Island Newburyport, MA